Soil Conservation

Couple of days ago, during my morning walk around my residential complex, I met my ex-colleague at Saba, Abhijit. I have been knowing him as trekker and adventure enthusiast, besides a good technical architect at Saba. He updated me that he and his some of friends are working on soil conservation program on an emptly defense land adjecent to the residenstial complex area.

This very noble work, and the very need of the hour in the society where we face day-in day- out, water scarcity, deforestation and other related issues. I have seen this myself on my trails in Sahyadris in the summer. I know of lot of NGOs and people like Rajendra Singh are doing lot of work in this area.

I intend to join him over one of the weekends to understand it further and extend helping hand. Let me know if you also want to join hands here.

Save Trees, Save Ourselves!


One thought on “Soil Conservation

  1. Yogesh Nagulpelli says:

    Looks like one doesn’t have to go that far to make a difference.
    Similar to this I rain water harvesting be done very seriously.
    I know people in our area quick to drill a borewell (when they don’t get PMC water) without thinking about rain water harvesting. By the time they will realize that there is no water in the borewell as well it would be too late for all of us.


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