Design based culture

We all know how important design is in software…in fact, we know its importance in all engineering fields.
Have you heard of something called Design Based Culture?
This has been prominent idea since English Renaissance Period in Europe and other developed nations. I bumped on a nice book, in Marathi, on this topic, by famous painter/artist Ravi Paranjpe. The book is titled ‘Neel-Dhawal Dhwajakhali’. This book is actually a collection of his thoughts, observations on current social, political situation in India and the role Design Based Culture can play to bring back India’s past glory. His approach is based on aesthetics in general across all fields.

The reason to bring this topic now, was actually an event where I got an opportunity to hear his thoughts, albeit not in detail, during a program of felicitations of sculpturist Nagalingacharya by Marathi Kannada Snehavardhan Kendra in Pune recently.
Having studied Indology which deals with India’s past and philosophy(which talks of aesthetics among other topics), I was keenly interested in these thoughts. He seeks for beauty in every field of life and claims that it can bring India to top once again, if we do that. Interesting thoughts, right?

On other note: I bumped on Marcus Corbett at above program, a keen practitioner of Indian Classical Music. I was thrilled to meet him and learn about his passion. We all hear about interest of Westerners in Indian culture, I got an opportunity to interact with one such person first hand.

I always had felt that we all should take efforts to understand and appreciate various aspects India’s culture, whichever interests one’s taste. As far as I am concerned, I am hooked onto Indian Classical Music these days!

Any thoughts, comments?


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