Save water

Last month got a message from my Architect friend, Dinesh Gapchoop, about his son’s, Viraj’s, participation in Vasundhara International Film Festival(VIFF), where his short film was selected for screening.

I have been knowing Dinesh, as campaigner of sustainable living & life style, since last 5-6 years. I also kept on hearing about his and his son’s extracurricular activities in dramas, photography, etc. When I heard that his film was selected for screening, I was not too surprised.

I always wanted to attend VIFF since it started, 4 years ago, a novel initiative on educating general public about environmental and allied issues. This time I had additional motivation to attend and I did. I plan to write about general experience about VIFF at some other point…but this one is for Viraj’s film. It is about simple tips and techniques about saving water by tweaking your life style.

For anyone interested, take a quick peek here and is 7-8 min film.



One thought on “Save water

  1. Dinesh says:

    Thanks PPK,
    We r trying to explore such efforts by all the known and unknown people in interest of this planet and our next generation.


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