Bike and car pooling: Need of the hour

As cities expand, distance between workplaces and residences are widening, commuting to work is often nightmare. Various measures to ease traffic situations are undertaken at different levels in our society. Corporates are also providing work-from-home or telecommute options which is helping to ease traffic.

Car pooling is a very well-known and proven mechanism to beat traffic woes and also help save our planet from pollution. We taken the same idea further to make it general service riding on the advantages of technologies have brought in.

We, at QuinarySoft, are pleased to announce Bike and Car Pooling service in Pune. Currently it is restricted to IT Professionals only. We will be conducting employment verification to ensure passenger’s/driver’s security. Visit and register to help save pollution, reduce your fuel expenses and why drive alone when you can get good company.

We will be carrying out employment and driving license verification before providing membership. You must be thinking why is this required? The reason is simple – its all about your SECURITY. We want your travel to be safe, enjoyable and should have a good company.

Looking forward for your support. Please share this with your friends, colleagues and family.


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