Conference report: CSI Pune INCSIghts 2012

This was CSI Pune’s annual event organised at Hotel Pride in Pune. The theme of the conference was Big Data. The much hyped technology terminology since last 3-4 years. I attended this lot of curiosity and questions in my mind.

The conference began with keynote address and stock taking by Anand Deshpande of Persistent, elaborating historical perspective via his coined terminologies such as Data Stack 1.0(RDBMS), Data Stack 2.0(Data Warehousing) and he called Big Data as Data Stack 3.0. It was also unpleasant to see how simple things such as wireless microphone cannot be made to work prior to the conference, it was lot of embarrassment to presenter, audience and waste of precious time.

Then followed series of sessions by various speakers and practitioners in fields of Big Data. Most of the session, by and large, naturally, discussed Hadoop ecosystem. Some of the use cases presented were in the domain of retail(by Sears, to reduce price tagging), Ad Serving platform(Pubmatic, by Sayali Kulkarni, BTW, very crisp and nice presentation. Pubmatic happens to be in Yield Management in the Ad Serving platform landscape). There were couple of presentations on the current state of Big Data adoption across enterprises currently and also where does Data Warehousing go from here. Some aspects of Big Data on cloud also were covered by these presentations. The prediction of Big Data adoption is expected to grow to 44% from current 14% by 2013 across Fortune 1000 companies.

The presentation from Prashant Pansare of Intellimet on advanced visualization was electrifying. Visualization is one of final pieces of typical Big Data and Predictive Analytics implementation. Some of the use cases provided by him on how big Internet companies are keeping eye on machine generated data for their benefits.

The conference ended with a panel discussion on current state of Big Data and future trends. The panel discussion did not impress me much, but it was good to know that companies like Synechron are working on Big Data since last 7-8 years as it was mentioned, they are now looking beyond to provide probabilistic analytics.

All in all, it was good overall introduction to Big Data landscape, I would say, with some technical implementation details shared by Kalpak Shah of Clogeny. But I was expecting some of the related topics such Predictive Analytics, Event Stream Processing(ESP) and Complex Event Processing(CEP) to be covered.


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