SAA SHSG at YCM Hospital in Pimpri

I have written in the past about Schizophrenia Awareness Association(SAA) and its activities on this blog. As you know, their activities are concentrated mainly in and around Pune city as the center is located in Dhayari in Pune. I and Bhushan, who live in PCMC area, always felt the need for such a center in PCMC area to cater to the needs of shubharthis and shubhankars in this area. When approached SAA officials on the proposal, not only they supported us, but also ensured that we get formally trained in running such groups, and also helping bootstrapping it.

I am glad to inform you that SAA has been running SHSG for shubhankars in collaboration with YCM Hospital in Pimpri for last one year now. Myself, Bhushan, Neelima Bapat, Smita Godse have been involved in coordinating, facilitating and running this group. Guidance, support and help of Dr Kishor Gujar and Prakash Jukantwar has been pivotal in running of this group at YCM Hospital’s premises.

We have begun having SHSG group for shubhakars right now. Later we have plans to start one for shubharthis. Currently, this group meets twice a month(once once first Saturday and later on third Saturday), during 11.45 am to 1.30 pm. We have so far over 50 shubhankars registered and have been availing the facility.

It is needless to say that PCMC area also needed such facility to compliment work of psychiatrists at YCM or other independent practitioners. We, as volunteers of SAA, are encouraged by the response we have got so far.

We will soon be organizing a formal inauguration function. I will update on that as the details are finalized. My sincere appeal to you all is to spread the availability of such facility in PCMC and Pune area to all those unfortunate ones in the society you think need help.

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