Madhosh Bilgrami

Does anyone know who Nawab Madhosh Bilgrami is or remember him?

In Sept 2014, my friend Nandin Sareen(who is singer, and also has started ‘Madhugandharv’ organization for spreading music) invited me to accompany him, along with other folks, on one of the Sundays to Talegaon(a town near Pune) to be part of Urdu shaayari mehefil. Little I knew that time, that I was visiting Madhosh’ home.

Madhosh, himself accomplished Urdu shaayar, has not only written independent shaayaris, but also written songs and scripts for Hindi movies. Some of the films he has been part of are, Chakra(Smita Patil was in the lead role there), Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai, Jaano Bhi Do Yaron. I was taken back by surprise to see him living alone in this remote town during his old age. He is now above 75, and needs to use wheel chair.

During his younger days, with family

During his younger days, with family

As of today, in his old age.

As of today, in his old age.

I feel documenting his life story, his contribution to Urdu shaayari, Hindi movies needs to take place sooner than later. We spent about 3-4 hours with him, during which he rendered various shaayaris, shared his experiences with film industry, co-stars, personalities. It was very interesting conversation with him to understand, in no way fully, his life and his contribution. We had not planned any interview hence did not prepare any questions before hand. Nandin’s main agenda was to have him talk about his shaayari. But as we started interacting with him, it became clear to my mind that we need to record some biographical details on him, hence started quizzing him on those, which he was not very keen to talk about. He was born in royal Nawab family in Hyderabad. He studied Psychology from Aligarh Muslim University. He came to Mumbai in 1962 where he did masters ans PhD in Political Science. Later joined FTII in Pune and studied script writing and direction there for some time, later he assisted Zul Vilani for 3 years. He has been influenced by Communist philosophy, traveled to then USSR, studied Russian language also. We noticed posters on stalwarts of Marxism(such as Che Guevara) on the walls of his home. He also claimed himself as former Naxalite, also mentioned he had written song on Naxalbari. Anthologies of his shaayaris have been published in the form of some books such as Fasale, Silsile etc.

Lastly, the vigor and desire to accomplish still was very evident his conversation. He expressed desire to produce film based on Jaywant Dalvi’s novel Kaal Chakra, script for which is ready.

7 thoughts on “Madhosh Bilgrami

    • Prashant Kulkarni says:

      Yes, he lives in near Pune at a place called Talegaon, as of 2014 when I met him. I will certainly find out the latest and let you know.


  1. shekhar kunde says:

    Noted script writer poet Madhosh Bilgrami his feature documentary film scripts on social historical topics available.Interested parties may contact him on phone 02114 222115 mobile 9764795646


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