Edgar Allan Poe Museum

Last year that is 2014,  I had visited Philadelphia for work. When I checked for places to visit around downtown Philadelphia, a mention of museum of Edgar Allan Poe on the map caught my attention. I had read about Poe and his writing basically horror and mystery genre of short stories. I had planned to visit Edgar Allan Poe’s museum over the upcoming weekend. Just thought of sharing my experience of my visit to the museum.

Poe used to live in Philadelphia for few years and in fact lived in different homes. This particular home has been converted into heritage site by National Parks Service as National Historic Site. The museum displays his various works, portraits, also has an audio guided tour.

DSCN0126   DSCN0129

Apart from this the basement room is converted to depict a horrific scene from one of his short stories The Black Cat. A walk through that really captures your mind and manages to horrify you to an extent. There is another room called reading room. The board says that is has been recreated based on his unusual piece of writing called Philosophy of Furniture This is an essay which I read later, written in humorous style. The link on National Parks Service website on what all things can be done at this museum is an example of how visitors can be engaged into and provide immersive experience into a subject such author’s museum.

I also have read about Shakespeare’s home which is now his memorial and museum. That is next on my list. In the past, I had visited a museum on famous Marathi writer(incidentally short story writer) G A Kulkarni in Belgaon. He lived in Belgaon during his life for few years.The museum is managed by private organization. Similarly, famous Marathi poet Keshavsut also has his memorial in his native place Malgund in coastal Maharashtra. This also is managed privately. The house which is not converted into memorial and museum is where he took birth. I had visited it few years back during my trip to Ganpati Pule. These are couple of rare examples where writer’s memorials are preserved in Maharashtra/India, I believe. Do you know any more in Maharashtra/India?

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