Movement called

In 2009, I chanced upon an interesting portal. This was called portal. It was brain child of Dinkar Gangal who is a founder of Granthali-a well known book publisher and organization for promoting reading and also Marathi language. After retiring from Granthali in 2008, he along with few other like minded people, embarked upon this project.The site has been up since then.

After getting in touch with Dinkar Gangal and informed about my interests , he had suggested me that I contribute on the portal considering my background in Indology etc. Around the same time I came across Kannada article on relationship of Goharbai and Balgandharva. I translated that and sent to Gangal. He liked it and encouraged me to finish it for the purpose of portal.

The basic purpose I guess is the need of extending what Granthali has been doing for decades now through promotion and movement to expand cultural sensibilities of people of Maharashtra, through publication of books etc. The extension is to embrace the new age media ie. Internet and Web, to reach out, make people of Maharashtra re-think about their culture and expose them to the newer and lesser known dimensions. The second part of motto of the ThinkMaharashtra portal is Link Maharashtra. It is trying to create a “cultural” repository of accomplished personalities of Maharashtra, service oriented NGOs, overall subaltern culture at local and grass root level in Maharashtra.

The site is now going on for last 5 years. The sheer variety of articles from all over Maharashtra is mind boggling. I am sure it will not stop here. The hope is that the site gets articles from and on greater Maharashtra areas(Brihan Maharashtra), which will record the impact created by Marathi people from Maharashtra and also outside of Maharashtra since time immemorial.

Go ahead and check it out and share it with your friends!


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