Memories of 1987 Cricket World Cup

It’s cricket fever these days. World cup is underway. Last weekend, India beat traditional rivals Pakistan. Today, we are playing against South Africa and we are about to win that. I am kind of down the getting memory lane as my mind rushed back to memories of 1987 world cup. Two decades have passed. This was first world cup hosted by India. Kapil Dev was at tipping point of his career. Having won the earlier edition of the world cup(in 1983) beating West Indies, India started as favorite team. It was called Reliance World Cup being the main sponsors.

It is pre-1991 era, few years before liberalization, globalization, privatization reforms took place. Color television had just started becoming common after its introduction in 1982 in India. Still only one television channel ie. Doordarshan. I was in college in Pune. We friends would typically walk to the college after getting down at Shivajinagar railway station and would walk through area which had Maharashtra Police residential area and also training facilities. The area had one town hall where a color television was kept in a corner. We would stop by on the way to and watch matches along with jam-packed town hall .

During those days of college, I had acquired some skills in drawing pencil sketches of personalities by looking at photos. There was a very famous weekly tabloid called The Illustrated Weekly of India, which ran a special issue covering world cup. The issue had a full picture of Kapil Dev, who was captain of team and also star all-rounder who was expected to repeat the history of earlier world cup. Sharing that sketch below for you.


Also have shared Ravi Shastri’s sketch, who also was in full form that time, having a played a key role in Benson Hedges world championship couple of years ago in 1985.

As we all know, India lost that famous semi final match with England and were thrown out of the tournament crushing hopes of all cricket fans.

What is your world cup memory? Feel free to share.

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