REBT for caregivers

Next week, SAA is organizing workshop on REBT(rational emotive behavior therapy) for caregivers once again. As you know SAA in Pune works in mental health area. I support it and volunteer as well. The workshop this time it is longer than earlier and is for 4 days. I had attended a similar workshop few months back in SAA Itself. Thought I should write an introduction about it based on my experience there. Please encourage your acquaintances to attend it.

REBT is invented by Dr Albert Ellis famous American psychiatrist. It is a practical technique to help an individual self-examine, understand behavioral patterns and root causes of disturbances, and correct them, ultimately, leading to happy and satisfied life. REBT examines personality types and what affects those patterns. This therapy is aimed at the modification of specific, overt mal-adaptive behaviors, reduce undesirable behavior. Caregivers(shubhankars) dealing with mentally ill(shubharthis), go through tremendous stress. Unless, caregiver does not understand oneself better, the care giving process will incur further stress. REBT can help us understand shubhankar and shubharthi better. It helps us to identify appropriate and inappropriate emotions.

The basic premise is that if the shubhankar is mentally sound and well, he/she can be more effective in care giving process.  It also gives important tips on managing emotions and living assertively. An Assertive person is completely aware of following rights as regards to self and others.

SAA has teamed up with experts at Disha Psychological Counselling Center for this workshop. The charges for 4 day(two weekends, Mar 6/7 and Mar 14/15) workshop are very reasonable. Please reach out me or SAA for more information.


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