Indian Institute of Cartoonists

The other day, while surfing the idiot box(aka television), I bumped on a news item which talked of famous cartoonist Vasant Sarwate getting some award and more importantly the new item mentioning of he getting Lifetime Achievement Award from Indian Institute of Cartoonist(IIC). So far, I had heard of Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Indian Institute of Management(IIM) and one for science(IISc).

Though IIC is not in the same league as of other similarly rhyming institutes, but a very novel institute. A bit of googling and looking at their website reveals that. It is promoting very important form of art-cartoons. It is needless to say how we all enjoy cartoons appearing in various forms of media, not just news papers or magazines. I remember as a child, I used to mimic cartoons appearing in news papers(I guess it was Tarun Bharat) along with my friend. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those copied cartoons with me. Many people confuse me with famous cartoonist of the same name.

Vasant Sarwate is an important cartoonist(also an author) and a last link in Marathi literature with his association with many famous Marathi authors such Jayawant Dalwi, Pu La Deshpande. Many of their books had his caricatures, cartoons. It is significant that the website has a exclusive page dedicated for his cartoons and his work. On their website they mention institute’s aims and objectives. I guess they should also add another aim to that list pertaining to freedom of expression, which was challenged in some recent events.

Go and check it out.


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