Dam Desilting-novel way to save rain water

On this blog, I had written about World Water Day sometime back. Few years back, I had also introduced to my friend’s(Dinesh Gapchoop) son’s efforts towards spreading awareness on water conservation by making films and also demonstrating some innovative ideas.. Dinesh recently had informed me about a NGO run by ex-serviceman which is working on dam desilting in Pune. And I just read more about it in yesterday’s Indian Express. Silting is a process in which soil accumulates on the bed of dam reservoir thereby decreasing its capacity to hold water. The details given in the news item are mind boggling. Thought I should share those with you and highlight the significance of the work.

Since 3 years, two NGOs are working to remove silt from Khadakwasla dam’s reservoir in Pune. They have removed more than 70,000 truckloads of silt and have re-purposed for farms and tree plantation. Silting is a major problem for dams in the country. Desilting helps to regain the capacity of dams to withhold water. Two NGOs involved are Green Thumb-ran by ex-servicemen entirely. The other being Parivartan. Such efforts are not possible without support from society. Praj Foundation, Cummins India Foundation, and even local corporation has extended support.

Dam desilting removes soil from the dam, thereby increasing its capacity to withhold and store water. Dams are built to store water, and what good they are if they cannot be used to its fullest capacity. There are more than 40,000 dams in the country and most of them need such activity to be undertaken to increase dam’s effectiveness many fold.

Isn’t this a great initiative and effort?

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