AWS Enterprise Summit in Pune

AWS as a cloud provider has grown enormously last few years. My interest has grown in it off late, since at Sungard AS, where I work, we build various solutions and services on AWS catering enterprise customers. This was the first enterprise summit by AWS in Pune. I was not quite excited when I looked at their agenda for the summit, except one or two sessions which looked closer. But nonetheless, I registered for it and this blog is quick report of what I saw there.

The conference was in Le Meridian hotel in Pune today(June 25, 2015). I decided to take public transport(our beloved PMPML bus service in Pune) instead of driving down. I have been sick and tired of driving down to work in messy traffic everyday. Traveling via public transport was not all that great experience. I don’t want to go on rambling about it here(but interested and curious ones can look at it here). I reached the venue on time, got myself through the formalities. The setting was nice inside. I soon found myself on the demo booths setup by conference sponsors(which among few vendors included a Try and Ask booth, AWS Startup Ecosystem promotion booth)

Amidst the full house in the main hall(close to 350 people rubbing their shoulders :-)), the keynote began with AWS India head Bikram Singh with participation from BMC Software, Tata Motors and Sokrati.  Bikram went over history, and threw numbers depicting AWS size and stressed how cloud is new normal and how cloud has crossed chasm by going beyond Gartner’s technology hyper cycle. BMC’s Suhas Kelkar talked about BMC’s AWS offerings for cloud life-cycle management(CLM), while Tata Motors CIO talked about their foray into cloud using AWS, and how are they reaping benefits on innovation without having a dead-weight(in terms on-premise infra), and Sokrati(which represented startup on AWS) spoke about how they are exploiting various analytics services from AWS.

After which there was a talk by Intel which happened to be platinum partner of the event. But his talk did not bring any relevant information and was not crisp. The morning session ended to with panel discussion which wasn’t impressive as well.

Post lunch where break-out sessions were planned in two parallel tracks. The original agenda included: Hybrid Infrastructure Integration, Architecting for Greater Security, Building Mobile Apps on AWS, HPC/Big Data on AWS, DR of on-premises IT infrastructure with AWS, DevOps – Transforming Software Development, Digital Media & Entertainment Workloads on AWS and Microsoft/SAP Workloads on AWS. We found break-out sessions were looking very different.

Anyways, I managed to attend three of those break-out sessions. The first one was on Big Data on AWS. This session went over rising need of big data applications, how it is all around us and how AWS is ready with battle-hardened technologies for the same in terms of Redshift and EMR. The second one was on Microsoft/SAP workloads on AWS, which went over support in AWS and key architectural considerations. The third one was on hybrid environment where in on-premises infra exists with cloud infra. It went over the support and considerations for setting up such environment with help of AWS. These sessions were not deep enough and did not go beyond standard information available on AWS websites, and left me wanted for deeper insights.

All in all, the summit was not quite a great experience for me at least. I kept wondering myself as to what was my takeaway from the summit while I was riding the bus back to home.


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