Two workshops on Indological topics in Pune in July

Narada Bhakti Sutra Textual Workshop

Renowned Nyaya philosophy and Sanskrit expert, Prof V N Jha is conducting a week long workshop in Pune. He has a long cherished dream of starting a research institute in Pune for Indian intellectual tradition. He has formed a trust under his guru’s name-Pandita Shrinivasa Shastri Memorial Trust, Pune. This workshop is a first under that trust. This particular text is significant in the context of Bhakti movement which flourished in the medieval years in India. Few years back, I was fortunate to attend his workshop on Nyaya philosophy wherein Annambhatta’s Tarkasangraha text was studied.

Elaborating further on the need of this workshop, he said, “Looking at the increasing unrest and violence all around the world, I feel , never before the necessity of spreading the deep analysis of weakness of man in Indian Philosophical systems has increased. The only answer to this problem is transformation of man from within. The emergence of Bhakti Vedanta in India was a concrete example of it. Bhakti is the intense love of God which is nothing but the entire Existence. To adopt this mode of inner transformation no qualification is required. One and all, the able and the weak, the learned and the uneducated, the rich and the poor, can choose this path for creating a better world to live in. This message must reach every human mind. As a humble beginning of this movement I have decided to teach Narada Bhakti Sutra, the original Sanskrit text in this Workshop”

Here are the details of the schedule for Narada Bhakti Sutra textual workshop:

  1. Jul 24: Introduction : Vedic Spiritual Culture; Indian Philosophical Systems : Purpose of Life
  2. Jul 25: Spiritual Paths to attain the Goal : Jnana, Karman, Yoga, and Bhakti; The Philosophy of Bhakti Yoga : Bhakti Vedanta
  3. Jul 26: Concept of Bhakti : Bhakti as Means and Bhakti as Goal; Types of Bhakti
  4. Jul 27: Bhakti Literature : Sutras; Narada and his Bhakti Sutra
  5. Jul  28 till Jul 31: Reading of the Narada Bhakti Sutra

The live webcast of this session(which is free) is available here.

Please contact Prof V N Jha on 0091-20-27201458/09890215441 and on email at or vnjha1946@gmail. com for registration and other details.

Avesta Language Workshop

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute(BORI) of Pune does not need any introduction to those who are interested in Sanskrit, Indology. BORI is conducting a 10 day workshop on Avesta language starting next week. BORI is nearing 100 years of existence. This is the first time it is organizing such workshop. Relation between Veda and Avesta is widely known. The workshop starts on July 6 and runs through July 17. It will cover aspects of Avesta religion and language. BORI has organized exhibition of rare Avesta language manuscripts as well.

Prof Almut Hintze from London University subject matter expert for this workshop. I always have found BORI website is sorely lagging behind with updates. I am providing a link which I found giving more details of this workshop for those interested. Please contact 9272-296556 or BORI for details.

I wish I could attend both these workshops. It would have meant me remaining absent from work for about a month which is not possible. Both of these workshops are unique in their own respect. Please spread information about them and also check if you are interested in participating.


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