Birds in action

In this blog, I wanted to share some interesting videos of birds in action, I have shot recently. I have put them on my YouTube channel. They are captured using my Nikon Coolpix camera without tripod, hence are shaky at times, and I have not edited them for unwanted noise or movement.

Weaver bird weaving nest in the front yard

This is the first time weaver birds have taken shelter on the tree in my backyard and gave me ample opportunity to watch their activities for last few weeks. These birds are famous for their skills for making nests before breeding.

Baby kite bird relishing on its prey in the back yard

I noticed huge outcry of crows and bulbuls in the backyard the moment I entered home after my morning walk few days ago. I realized something is brewing up and I am up for some show there. I grabbed my mobile and rushed to the room adjacent to backyard, and notice this cute baby kite on top of its prey, firmly gripping it(sparrow), and it surrounded by salivating crows and bulbuls. I did not waste time to take this video for few minutes, after which I lost patience. The outcry stopped after 15-20 minutes, after which I noticed baby kite has finished its breakfast.

Peacock dancing(well, this is in Morachi Chincholi, and captured by my son)

Morachi Chincholi is famous for peacocks in that village, sheltered by villagers. I had visited it 10-12 years ago. The place has now turned as agro-tourism spot near Pune. This dancing peacock captured by son who along with my wife and residents of my housing complex visited it recently.

Hope you enjoy these videos. I, anyway, want to write in details about birds which visit my front and back yard some time later. Till then stay tuned!


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