Joshua Tree National Park

North American continent is full of bio-diversity, wild-life. Both USA and Canada have done fantastic job of preserving this through National Park System. This is well documented in DVDs produced by. Anyone who visits USA, gets impressed by how systematically it has preserved and made accessible to public in general. During my visits and stays in the USA over many years, I have had a privilege of visiting many of them.

I was in Orange County in southern California couple of years back. It was summer season there. Southern California is known for its deserts and dry, arid land. The two national parks in this area are quite famous for its unique desert landscape. One is Death Valley National Park and the other is Joshua Tree National Park. Me and my colleague decided to visit it over Labor Day weekend. This park is situated within Mojave Desert. In fact part of Colorado Desert also meets the Mojave Desert here.

We started in the wee hours. It soon became very warm though the summer season was past its peak. Joshua Tree National Park is towards south east of Orange County. We had to cross the San Bernardino Mountains as we reached After 3 hours of drive(via I-10, Yucca Valley), we reached the north-eastern gate via town called Joshua Tree on highway 62 . The first thing you do at national parks in the USA is to visit their visitors’ center. There are range of activities and exhibits one can enjoy. At this park, we enjoyed the short film about this park, its history, flora and fauna, geology etc. We visited the souvenir shop, had a quick bite and left for excursion inside the park.

The park, of course, is famous for Joshua trees. This is a desert shrub, typical to this area. There are hardly any other types of trees or even grassland.

Photo1390 Photo1396

It is all sand, dotted with rock patches all over. Some of these are famous for rock climbing. We noticed many campers as well camping with their tents in the camp sites which are laid by these rock patches.

2012-09-03 14.11.53 We also visited the highest peak, called Keys View, of this park from which one can get panoramic view of entire area.

We started our journey back to Orange County towards evening from south gate called Cottonwood Spring. We took a quick break at this gate, and proceeded further. We took I-10 right from the west gate via town called Indio, back to Orange County. So it was almost a peripheral trip as well for us around the park. Very recently, I had read that one of the older bridges near the park on I-10 collapsed due to flash flood. It was interesting down-the-memory-lane for me, as that bridge on our way back for sure, and this blog is result of that.


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