Finally, I bought Apple Mac!

Hey, hold on, this is not show-off blog! I just wanted to trace down my association with Macs and also share my nostalgia. And now that I own it, I can write a bit about it, and well, I am writing this on new Mac itself. My Windows laptop was aging, needing a better and powerful laptop. This was my best opportunity to go for, my long lasting wish, Mac laptop.

I remember my first encounter with these ubiquitous mean machines way back in 1991. I was working on typography related projects. Desktop publishing(DTP) industry was one of the first industries to adopt Apple Macs, for obvious reasons. Back then, in Pune, we used to only one vendor called G J Ghaisas and Co selling Apple Macs. Like many of Mac lovers around the world, I fell in love with these tiny all-in-one computer with nice little light blue colored screen, colorful Apple Mac logo, and with the command key. And that floppy drive. It was Apple Macintosh SE. I also went on developing PostScript compatible driver for Indian languages and tested them on Apple printer. I also used to buy MacTutor magazine issues for a while. I learnt that, it is now called MacTech.

MacTutor 1989 issue

MacTutor 1989 issue

I moved on from there, to encounter Macs again, few years later. And yes, I moved on to Apple laptop this time. It was PowerBook, based on PowerPC processor, running, I believe MacOS 7.6, if I remember correctly. This time it was with porting exercise related to database technology I was involved in. I used tools such as MPW and MetroWerks CodeWarrior(Java), in year 1995/96. I also encountered Mac programmers who were almost fanatic about it and belonged to that cult. This stint of mine with Mac, probably, lasted for over a year.

After this, my association stopped here, until today. As history tells us, few layers later, Steve Jobs left Apple and formed NeXT. Apple also fiddled with its own flavor of Unix called A/UX. And few years later, Steve Jobs came back and Apple started using NeXT technology which was later re-branded as Mac OS and later as called as OS X. Somehow, my interested depleted when I learnt that Apple had chosen to creates its own flavor of Unix. I thought they should have continued with their own OS as it was different and original.

Anyways, more than a decade has passed since then. I, of course, kept seeing Mac once in a while, but never got chance to use or work on it. I bought MacBook Pro couple of days ago on Amazon. The packing had Apple box with familiar “1 Infinite Loop Cupertino” address on it. I fondly remember walking by it/driving past it many times during my stay in Silicon Valley. The MacBook Pro booted nicely and quickly into OS X Yosemite. This was on Sept 30, on the day when Apple launched next version of OS X-El Capitan(now I have a job of upgrading to it as it is free). I got myself re-familiar with command button, Finder, and track pad functions. Now that I own it, I am going to start on it once again. Hope I can get my hands on it enough, as I bought it for my son, mainly. So let’s see!

So, you may wonder, why did I settle for non-Mac laptop all these years? On a lighter note, I guess, I can say this-As it goes in typical love story, despite the fact that you are loving a girl, but for various reasons, you are married to another! Same thing happened here.

Anyways, feel free to dash out a tip or trick to me on Macs, for me to try out, as I re-discover Macs!

Updated on Nov 25, 2015

I watched movie titled ‘Jobs’ today, which is on life and work of Steve Jobs, and re-lived the Apple and Mac moments. The movie is nicely done.


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