Yes, I am writing about Everest, and that too without scaling it! You must be wondering whether I am out of mind. Don’t panic, what I am writing is about the movie Everest which I recently watched. This movie, is about unsuccessful expedition, way back in 1996. It’s man versus the nature and this certainly brings in thrill to the movie. But then any talk of Mt Everest is absolutely ultimate thrill anyways. Isn’t it?

I kept wondering, since when I came to know of this movie, as to whether the shooting happened on the site ie. Mt Everest. The conditions are so harsh, making it toughest conditions for scaling mountains-forget about acting, shooting, etc there and also on the way. The other concern was the damage to the fragile ecosystem it would bring, and which is already happening. This should be prevented at all costs.

Nonetheless, the movie provides that experience of emotion, and story of determination, grit, and a glimpse of the environs of support system at the camps various levels. The major part of film shooting did happen somewhere else, but they were able to shoot at the real base camp. Going to Mt Everest base camp is not all that difficult these days, despite that being at the height of about 17 thousand ft. Even expeditions to Mt Everest themselves now have become so organized and chances of success have improved dramatically.

I don’t want to write much on the story line itself, as it is available elsewhere, in detail. The movie, at times, turns out to be a documentary, which we get to watch on channels such as National Geographic, but I guess that is inevitable. It also reminded me of a old movie called Cliffhanger which had some actions and thrills around mountaineering. The experience of watching majestic Mt Everest on the big screen, the thrills, makes it worth a watch. I also liked the emotional drama during distress calls and rescue shown towards the end. It involved radio communication between the rescue camp members and the mountaineers. I also felt that basic errors such as mountaineers walking without gloves at times could have been avoided.

I would like to end this blog, with another piece of information. I happened to be part of management training camp recently at Garud Maachi. One of the the trainers there happened to be a 2012 Mt Everest climber named Tekraj Adhikari. He was part of civilian expedition from Pune. I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up talking to him about his experience, the movie itself, and had very nice interaction with a humble person, who has scaled Mt Everest. And I also got to shake hands with person who has climbed Mt Everest!


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