Short films fad?

As the saying goes, “The drama which we see when we are asleep is dream, and dream which we witness when we are awake is drama”, film media is amazing mode of communication, entertainment, and even education, awareness. We all have experienced its power and impact it makes on the society. Due to digital, Internet and smart phone revolution, making movies has become easier, particularly short films. Short films were always there in the past too. We have seen documentaries produced by mainly National Films Division Corp(NFDC), which are shown in theaters or television channels. Short film revolution has been occurring since last 10-15 years silently, because of smart phones, cameras, social media and YouTube, and because of common and lay persons are experimenting with this media to express themselves.

I remember watching Atul Pethe’s short film on plight of municipal corporation’s sanitary workers, called Kacharakondi(Garbage Trap) way back in 2006, which was posted on YouTube. To promote short film making, we also are witnessing mushrooming of platforms such as short film festivals. Many of them are theme based such as Kirloskar Vasundhara Film Festival(KVIFF) which is focused on environmental issues. In the past, on this blog, I have talked about my friend and his son, interested in solving water issues, made and presented short films in KVIFF’s earlier edition. I have attended KVIFF few times and quality of films is very high. I also have attended other short film festivals which are mainly organized by film and media institutes to show case their students talents and give them exposure to come out with their best. There you see many topics getting handled, experimented with media, and also art of story telling. I believe even short film festivals are taking place on Internet also via mediums such as YouTube, and some TV channels have created special slots for short film showcase.

We also have seen in general mushrooming film/movies related training institutes claiming to cover various aspects of film making. Satellite TV channels also have played their part to draw general people to go for film industry via route of getting associated with short films in one way or the other. I know at least two of my friends who are seriously considering doing films full time. They have got themselves trained on aspects such script writing, direction. They have stories and scripts which they have made short films on frugal budget. One of them has already left his IT job and has plunged into this to pursue his passion. The other person, who happens to be my colleague at SAA YCM SHSG, wanting to make a film on mental health domain. This is certainly good for film industry in general, as it is bringing in more and more talent to it, with willingness to experiment with the medium and also bringing in wide variety of subjects to the table. So this short film revolution is certainly not a fad, but it is something to stay here.

One interesting piece of fact about short films, before I conclude. When the technique of film making was invented in early 19th century, the films which were made can be called short films as they used to be less than hour in the length. It took quite a while to make a movie which ran over an hour.

So, are we going to back to where we began?

Update on Nov 19, 2015:

My friend Achyut Chopade who ventured into film-making, won a best short film award recently for his film ‘Ardhaviram’.

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