Dasara Doll Festival(Bombe Habba)

Mysore Dasara(called Nadahabba in Karnataka) is very famous and known for its grandeur and jumbo savari(elephant procession) which is held at Mysore Palace. The other specialty of Dasara festival as celebrated in and around Bengaluru and Mysore(Mysuru) is display of dolls at homes and outside, and tradition of inviting neighbors for viewing. I had heard about this since last few years. Though I have not seen celebrated in this way in other parts of Karnataka, especially, region I from, which is Bijapur, northern Karnataka.

My long wish of traveling to Bengaluru and Mysuru during Dasara time got fulfilled this time. But my another wish of Mysore Palace during festival still pending, as I did not have time for it this time. Doll displays caught my eyes, starting from airport and few other places in the city. I wanted to quickly share those images here and also introduce this festival here.

Bombe Habba

Doll Arrangement at Bengaluru Airport

20151021_073542  20151019_121024

Bombe Habba

At the street side near Ramkrishna Mutt in Bengaluru

There is enough information available on the Internet on the history and details on the way it is observed. You may look here for example-I don’t need to repeat it here.

But one thing, I must say, it reminded my of my childhood memories of Ganpati Festival in Maharashtra. Every home in Maharashtra installs Ganpati idols and decorates the area. As children, we would make trips to each home, all 10 days of the festival, and look at the decorations and appreciate. Though there was no formal awards for best decoration etc, the environment was similar and each house would do its best to decorate in best possible manner. That tradition seems have lost since last 15-20 years for whatever reasons, I hardly see anything like that. Hope the same does not happen to Bombe Habba.

Talking of diversity and specialties of Dasara festival, let me conclude by mentioning that I learnt during my flight back to Pune, that state of Chattisgarh(rather district of Bastar) celebrates Dasara for 75 days. Now that is definitely special!


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