Purvamimamsa (Indian Hermeneutics) Workshop in Pune

I have talked about Indian Logic(Nyaya-Vaiseshika system of Indian philosophy) and its application on this blog in the past. One of the renowned expert in this domain, Prof V N Jha, lives in Pune. He has made his life mission to spread knowledge and awareness of Indian intellectual tradition traveling all over the country for past 10-15 years. Now he has decided to restrict himself to Pune as far possible and continue to teach and facilitate workshops on Nyaya, Mimamsa, philosophy of Bhakti, advanced Sanskrit language and related areas.

I was fortunate to attend couple of his workshops in the past. Now there is golden opportunity for discerning learners of Indian intellectual tradition to be part of workshop on Purvamimamsa (Indian Hermeneutics). Purva mimamsa is one of the six systems of Indian philosophy. Purvamimamsa is one of the three intellectual components which one must acquire in order to enter into and enjoy Indian Intellectual, Philosophical and Spiritual Culture. Purvamimamsa developed the principles of interpreting a text. These principles were applied by the ancient Indian philosophers and literary critics and being applied even today. Since these principles are universal in nature,  they have the capacity to be applied to any text of any genre. Philosophers, linguists, critics, and even computer scientists, particularly, those who are working in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation can derive insights from this system of Purvamimamsa. One cannot have proper understanding of any Indian philosophical and analytic text without Nyaya, Purvamimamsa and Vyakarana.  All those who deal with language need to interpret it and hence cannot afford to avoid Purvamimamsa. It contains, apart from its philosophical elements, also has many elements of philosophy of language. Like Indian logic, these aspects are very useful in machine translation, semantic analysis of data in the area of information technology. Hence participants with computer science background, and/or working in language technology, are also strongly welcome to this workshop. No prior knowledge of Sanskrit language is required. During the workshop, famous text on Mimamsa called Mimamsa Paribhasha will be read. This is published by Ramakrishna Mutt. One can get it before attending the workshop.

This workshop is divided into 3 levels on the similar lines of his very famous workshop on Indian Logic. He and his wife Prof Ujwala Jha, who herself is renowned Mimamsa expert herself, will be guiding the participants.  The organizers have succeeded in arranging Purvamimamsa ( Indian Hermeneutics) level-1 program in a cheaper cost at Kaivalya Dham, the famous Yoga research institute in Lonavala, a hill station near Pune. The program will be from 20th to 29th June, 2016. The participants will reach there by the evening of 19th and can leave in the evening of 29th. There are two famous caves known as Bhaja and Karla caves near Lonavala. In one case you can see writings in the Brahmi Script, the oldest script of our country. Of course, one can visit several tourist points in Lonavala itself. Moreover, people come to Lonavla to enjoy rainfalls. Rains begin in the first week of June.

The registrations for this workshop is open. Please contact Usha Radia on her email usharadia25@gmail.com. 

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