Ardhaviram-an inspiring short film

In the past, I have written on my blog about short films, the evolution it is going through in India these days. One of my friends, Achyut Chopade who ventured into films, out of interest, leaving his successful IT career few years back. He finally came out, late last year, with his short film titled Ardhaviram. It was written, and directed by himself. I wanted to write about that film, and journey of making it, as I witnessed it, now that it is available in public domain.

I remember Achyut’s journey few years back when he took it seriously to join film script writing related course in Hyderabad. Few months back after his return, he popped out one script which revolved around farmers’ suicides in Maharashtra. By virtue of hailing from farmer background, and having seen these things first hand, I thought the script was quite powerful, mainly showing message of a way out to farmers, and how determination and support from family can change the odds. Few months later, he sent me the film as well, which he shot in his native place Adilabad, with help of local artists.

The second film, which he started talking to me about, again revolved around positive message, this time, in a life of person living in a city. This Marathi film is titled Ardhaviram(means in English semicolon).


The story is simple and touching. It is about an elderly person who is longing for love and care from his family, children, about him loosing hope. This person is a musician. The young girl living nearby who likes his music, is learning by listening him rehearsing. She and her father comes to his door, during his days when he has lost hope from the life. The positive hope and message that young girl brings in very refreshing and is a must watch. I remember we arguing and discussing possibilities in this film, and also were contemplating the shooting at my home. The film stars Deepak Rege who is popular senior theater artist.

The film also won a best short film award in the first edition of Pimpri Chinchwad International Film Festival(PCIFF) last year. The film is now available on YouTube, which I strongly recommend you to watch. It does have English subtitles also.

It is quite encouraging to see, in general, different kinds of experiments with medium, film-makers choosing to express themselves, which, by itself, is creating  positive impact on the society, and so many possibilities.





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