A day trip to Mulbagal

Every time I go to Bengaluru, I try to live the city to its fullest, to what it has to offer. There are so many different facets, from the language, culture, sheer travel perspective that one can explore. I have tried sharing those in the past here, and there are many things I have not written, due to sheer laziness. This time I decided to head out of the city for a quick excursion to a holy place called Mulbagal(or Mulubagilu), which is near Kolar, about 80 kilometers towards north-east from south Bengaluru where I was put up. In fact, this town is eastern end of state of Karnataka.

We started off early in the morning, from south Bengaluru, that weekend. Despite early morning of a Saturday, it took good 40 minutes to hit the highway from that famous hanging bridge near Whitefield area, which goes to Kolar and further. The road was nice there on. This highway is also called MBT Road, which is Madras Bombay Trunk Road. One of my favorites things to do while driving in and around Bengaluru is to tune into one of Kannada radio channels. This gives a good taste of finer nuances of Kannada language, which I am not entirely exposed, despite my mother tongue being Kannada, as I don’t live in Bengaluru. I have narrated my fondness to radio here.

Mulbagal is famous for Sripadraya(or Sripadaraja) Mutt and Narsimha Tirtha. It also is famous as second capital of famous Vijaynagar empire of 16th century. Our visit was mainly for these two places. There are other tourists attractions which we did not plan, but one may find more about them here on Wiki. Sripadaraya is part of linage of Madhwacharya, who founded Dwaita philosophy(which is one among  Vedanta or Uttar Mimamsa philosophy systems. Please refer my blog here on this topic.). My family being ardent follower of Madhwacharya, a visit to this holy place was due to for long time. Sripadaraya is also known for his contribution to  Haridasa, which is a Bhakti movement in Karnataka. I am a fan of Haridasa literature.

The monastery complex has shrines of Sripadaraya and his disciples, temple of Narsihma(in fact Yognarsimha), temple of Anjaneya. It also has pond(also called pushkarani) called Narsimha Teerth which has a shrine at the center. I also noticed a colony of bird around that central shrine, but could not recognize the birds unfortunately(They did not seem like bats though, which is what one would usually find at such a place which is not quite easily accessible by humans. I have seen many of them during my trekking days in Sahyadri range, especially on the ceilings of the caves). We attended prayers, and also participated in feast after the prayers. I also was lucky to find a book which is a volume produced during National Haridasa Literature Conference in 2012 organized by the monastery. I hope sometime to also get hold of Dasa Sahitya volumes produced  Project Dasa Sahitya by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD). Their volumes are result of research and compilation of sources of scattered Haridasa literature.

Anyways, this trip reminded me of a trip to Kolar which near Mulbagal which I had taken way back during my maiden trip to Bengaluru in 1992. Kolar is famous for now abandoned gold mine/fields. That trip was in a state transport bus. Bengaluru and its outskirts has grown so much. I guess it has started showing its effect on this garden city. I read other days that it recorded a hottest day in the history of the city. I had outlined state of lakes in Bengaluru amidst this concrete jungle. Hope things change before that damage is irreparable. Also,  if you are interested in reading more about my other Bengaluru explorations, feel free to refer this page.

Don’t forget to share your experience and thoughts!

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