Prof V N Jha Series for Indian Intellectual Tradition

I have written about Prof V N Jha and his passion for reviving Indian Intellectual Tradition, on this blog in the past. Since last 20 years he has been touring all of India at various universities, research institutes, IITs, and even abroad, talking of various aspects of this tradition, conducting workshops, seminars and inculcating knowledge of Sanskrit language, and also various associated systems of knowledge and philosophical systems such as Nayaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa, along with philosophy of Bhakti.

Since last year, he also started conducting these sessions in and around Pune where he is living. These sessions are recorded and are available for sale for people who are interested to get benefited from them. I would like to share the details below.

Nyaya-Vaisesika system related session was on text called Tarksangraha by Annambhatta. The set of DVDs contains 12 DVDs and costs INR 2100/- including shipping. Under the Philosophy of Bhakti(devotion), Prof Jha conducted 3 sessions. Bhakti movement which was significant movement in India during the medieval period, has its roots in philosophy of Bhakti as outlined in the tradition of Veda and Puranas. That series of workshop covered various texts which form corpus of Philosophy of Bhakti. Here are the details:  Narada Bhakti Sustra set of 8 DVDs at INR 2100/- which was conducted in Pune July 2015, Shandilya Bhakti Sutra  set of 10 DVDs at INR 2100/- near Pune October 2015 at Mira Ghar. Bhakti Rasayana session’s set consists of 11 DVDs INR 2100/- and it was also held near Pune February 2016. It is a compilation of verses from the tenth canto of the Bhagavata Purana.


There will be a discount in case one buys a full set of 4 at the INR 6400/-inclusive of packaging and shipping. The sets can be ordered by sending email to Mr.Mani on his email id or calling him on his phone number 09847435552. The bank details also can be obtained by sending contacting him. The DVDs are produced by Centre for Excellence for Studies in Philopsophical Systems(CESIPS) at Vallanad in Tamil Nadu. This is golden opportunity to learn and study these various aspects of Indian Intellectual traditions through the DVDs of Prod V N Jha’s workshop series on the same.

The next workshop in this series is taking place near Pune in month of June this year. The topic of this workshop is Purva-Mimamsa. This is structured in three levels. The June workshop will be covering first level. You may find more details here. The registrations are still open, so please hurry up!


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