Startup to IPO Course

The essence of mankind is problem solving. Man has progressed because of his ability to identify and solve problems. This is innovation and that brings in entrepreneurship. The Indus Entrepreneurs(TiE) is an organization promoting entrepreneurship. I have written about their other events/programs in the past here. TiE recently announced a 8
week program called Startup to IPO course, with weekly 3 hours. Plus this program is being offered by Northeastern University. The facilitator for this course is Raj Jaswa. I decided to take up this. I had been entrepreneur myself in the past, though a failed one, which forced me to take up a job. But that essence of innovation still continues and I try to nurture that through various channels and forums, at my job.

In this blog series, I will be writing about my experience with this course as I take it week by week. This blog is just an introduction to the course. I am already 4 week in the course now. So I  have a catch up to do on the blogs side.

The chief facilitator Raj Jaswa is a successful early age silicon valley based serial entrepreneur with companies like OPTi, Selectica and Dyyno under his name. This course is online course where in participants from all over the world are attending remotely. Most of the participants are from TiE chapters all across India’s depth and breadth. The online medium of the course with Raj Jaswa talking and presenting, along with other guest speakers from remote location is creating an immersive learning experience. The course portal by North Eastern University is also creating that experience with course outlines, progress indicator, group chats and discussions, ability to download course materials, upload exercises etc.

It seems that the university offers another program titled Idea to Business Plan again facilitated by Raj Jaswa. This one seems to be a logical precursor for new entrepreneurs, specifically college students or fresh graduates.

In India, the startup scenario is dramatically changing since last few years, it really got a big boost also with new government which came up with a programs called Startup India and other campaigns such Digital India, Standup India, Make in India etc. I plan to write about that sometime, specifically about Startup India program. Anyways, just another day, I got another email talking of a program for startup entrepreneurs. This one is called Startup Leadership Program(SLP). This one is rather long and seems comprehensive.

Anyways, it seems that the change is in the air and around us. Better be part of it and make it happen! Let me leave you with a video of a session at recent OpenStack conference which talks of an entrepreneur who made journey from identifying a problem, to innovating to solve it and later to realize it in an enterprise. It is motivating.

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