My trekking journey#7

In this series related to my trekking journey over years, I am going to detail out my expeditions in the year of 2004. Please refer below links for blogs on earlier trekking years.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

The year of 2004 happened to be another blockbuster year for me in terms of trekking. In the moth of January, we headed towards coastal Maharashtra(Kokan) to visit forts of Sumargad and Mahipatgad. We had to battle humid coastal weather, also lack of proper trails on the way to the top on both these forts. I went for another minor self-exploration to fort of Rohida near Pune, which is happens to be significant in the history of Shivaji, as this was one of the forts he conquered.

The month of February, we saw ourselves again heading towards coastal Maharashtra(Konkan) to visit forts of Alibaug(also called Colaba fort), Revdanda and Korlai, both sea side land forts. We were accompanied by Sachin Joshi, archaeologist, who had interest in exploring nearby Chaul area based on the certain evidences he had with him. In the summer month of April, visited fort of Rajmachi, and later trailed to ancient Buddhist cave of Kondane.

In the month of monsoon, went to hills of Neelkantheshwar near Pune. My seventy three year old father also hiked with us. Later in the month, we hiked the fort of Peb(alias Vikatgad) near popular hill station Matheran. One can get other side of Matheran from Peb, also views of other forts such as Prabalgad can be seen from the top. In September, we visited forts of Ramdarane, Thal, Sarjekot and Hirakot as well. Sachin Joshi, wanted to take GPS coordinates for the Ramdarane fort, for mapping purposes. Sachin is using cutting edge technologies to contribute towards fort conservation. Towards end of September, we went on trekking expedition covering five forts in one go, all of them in the Nashik/Dang region. We visited Hatgad, Achala, Ahivantgad, Taula and finally Kanhergad. Hatgad happens to be near to popular hill station called Saputara on the boundary of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The year ended with a trip towards north of Mumbai to forts of Tandulvadi and Jivdhani near Virar. Jivadhani, of course, is more famous because of temple which has become a pilgrimage place.


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