Level 2 Purvamimamsa (Indian Hermeneutics) Workshop in Pune

As mentioned few times on this blog in the past, Prof V N Jha, renowned Sanskrit expert, world renowned authority in Indian Logic(न्याय, वैशेषिक दर्शन) has embarked on conducting knowledge sharing sessions on various aspects of Indian intellectual tradition. Please see my earlier blogs on those sessions: Level 1 of Purvamimamsa, Philosophy of Bhakti.

Now, as part of this series of sessions, first level of workshop on Indian Hermeneutics (पूर्व मीमांसा दर्शन) was conducted near Pune. It was held at Kaiwalyadham Yoga Institute. The 10 day workshop covered various topics of Purvamimamsa and the text was read. First half of each day, Prof Ujjwala Jha, whose expertise is in the same field, introduced to various aspects of Purvamimamsa, and second half saw Prof V N Jha reading and elaborating Mimamsaparibhasha(मीमांसापरिभाषा) text. She covered topics such as origin(जैमेनी), scope, presuppositions(पूर्वपक्ष), concept of Dharma(धर्म), Bhavana(भावना), Apurva(अपूर्व), along with linguistics issues and classification of the ritual act. The brief survey of various schools(such as Prabhakara) of Purvamimamsa was also covered. Purvamimamsa is system of philosophical inquiry and reasoned conclusion of doubtful points in the ritualistic portion of Veda. While the Purvamimamsa’s peer system Uttarmimamsa(or Vedanta as it is called popularly, उत्तरमीमांसा, वेदान्त), delves into philosophical aspects of Veda which is found in various Upnishadas(उपनिषद). The whole emphasis of Purvamimamsa is mechanical performance of ritual and rites. BTW, I have narrated, in another blog, my experience of witnessing Somayag ritual here.

After the first level of workshop, the next level of Purvamimamsa worskhop will be conducted in October near Pune. Those who could not avail of the opportunity of level-1 can also join this since level 2 will cover level 1 as well but in a very elaborate way. Prof V N Jha plans to to read Artha Sangraha of Laugakshi Bhaskara in this level. This text incorporates the topics of the Mimamsaparibhasha no doubt , but in a very elaborate and structured form. But over and above that it deals with the topic of Nishedha(निषेध) which was not discussed in the earlier text. One can find elaborate discussion on the discourse on negative sentences and can come to know how to understand a negative sentences.

Knowledge of Purvamimamsa is one of the most essential tools to engage with the texts of Indian Philosophical systems. Why only with Indian philosophical texts only ? In fact with understanding any text. Even computer scientists working in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation can derive insights from Purvamimamsa.

The venue for this workshops is Chinmaya Mission’s center near Pune at a place called Kolwan. The center is known as Chinmaya Vibhooti. This is serene location, with beautiful surroundings. I have been there few times in the past(once with a NGO I suppprt-Schizophrenia Awareness Association). It has a nice exhibition on the life of Swami Chinmayanand, the founder of Chinmaya Mission.

Chinmaya Mission

Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan-Image credit Chinmaya Mission website

I have been to their another center in Kerala few years back, which is known as Chinmaya International Foundation(CIF) and is a research center. I will write more about that in another blog.

Anyways, please reach out to Mr Ananth(ananth.tn2003@gmail.com, 093466 99666) if you are interested in this workshop.The workshop is going to be held during 16-Oct-2016 till 27-Oct-2016. If you are interested in buying DVDs of past sessions, please visit website of Centre for Excellence for Studies in Philosophical Systems(CESIPS) at Vallanad in Tamil Nadu, who has been recording these sessions.



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