YZ-Just Do It!

I believe the term YZ is pretty well known, especially Marathi speaking populous. For those who don’t know it, let me explain, the meaning I have been told! No, X is not missing here…meaning it is not XYZ which might mean referring to something unknown. It is a Marathi epithet or abusive word which is used to characterize a person. The literal equivalent in English can be Stupid Fxxxer. In Marathi it is short for Yed Jhxxa(येड झx). It is loosely used to denote a person who is mindlessly self-indulged. I remember hearing it long time, during my early career. We used to have a programmer who was extremely talented, passionate and would work mindlessly day and night, if need be, on a problem. He also was a chain smoker. Another colleague of mine referred him as YZ to describe his attitude and also his passionately crazy behavior.

The reason I remembered it now, if you have not yet realized the topic, it is about a new Marathi movie I watched. It is titled YZ! The movie begins in laid back town of Wai, near Pune, which is now famous as a location for movie shootings due to its natural beauty. Otherwise it is historic town with its own heritage. I have written about it here. The laid back nature of the town, can probably apply to Pune of yesteryear’s(30-40 years back). The hero of the movie live here, who works as lecturer in a college. He is over-aged, still single and more importantly, someone who is not confident. He happens to get to stay in Pune for job, for few months. This Pune is not yesteryear’s Pune, though it is historic town like Wai. It is modern town. This stay transforms him, and brings him to realize his real self.

Now, does this not sound familiar story line? Various Hindi movies had the same undercurrent. Towards the end of the film, we see that our hero, who had not succeeded to get married till now, is now having 2 ladies loving him, and he himself in love with, his childhood buddy, whom he meets accidentally. I will not be a spoiler here as to what happens finally. Go and watch it to find it. The story also has another parallel theme which I liked it. Our hero teaches history in the college. The general lethargy towards learning history is addressed here. In few scenes, he makes student realize the importance of history and generates some interest among them. And I like this all, as I am a history lover. In one of the scenes, he asks students to answer the name of the first school for girls started by Savitribai Phule in Pune. I don’t know the answer, still, but it was started in area called Bhide Wada in Pune, which I knew.


YZ movie poster-Image credit Internet

The movie is full of spicy dialogs, especially, for a character titled as Battees, is fun to watch. The message of the movie is simple and powerful. Just do it, be to your own real self, and have passion(not hobbies!). Though the message of the movie is important, I did not like the whole package. It got boring, dragging some time after first 30 minutes. This was advertised as Mukta Barve’s movie, and we kept waiting for her entry, which did not happen till the last 30-40 minutes. We watched the movie at new multiplex Cinepolis inside Westend mall in Aundh which is recently opened. This was the only show here for this movie, that too at 1.30 pm.

Coming back to the name of the movie. It seems that this is the new trend, especially in Marathi movies. Using slang terms, or even terms commonly used by young, to directly relate, strike the tune, or even to cash on it.


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