200 not out!

Hurrah!! This is my 200th blog post. I realized it when I was blogging the other day, and WordPress page showed that the number of 199. I had realized the past milestones, but then I decided to celebrate feat this time. I am happy that I have come so far, still roaring to go. This is my new found passion-Writing! I know did not celebrate my 100th blog post which occurred sometime back. Not sure why I did not. For those who are curious to know which was my 100th post. Here is the link to it: my 100th post-this was related to smart city initiative. Since I am talking of milestones, I have dug out few others which are my 50th post-about goodreads.com portal which is about books, and my 150th post-about Murty Classical Library related controversy!

Anyways, some history now. I started this blog in March 2009, around the same time when I started on my own-free lanced/consulted at the beginning, and later formed a software company and got taste of entrepreneurship. Early part of 2009 was period of turmoil for me with lot of ideas, thoughts spinning in my head. I think, the blog also was born out of that. I did not blog first 5 years, ie. till 2014, may be because of my other occupations and partially may be because I had not, as yet, found that knack of writing, and even did not start enjoying, I guess. My score on blogs posts per year was well below double digit number till end of 2014. Let me give you a peep into the stats:


I think I have picked up on blogging after I finished my first ever foray into translating a book, work for which had gone for almost 2 years. The book got published in Dec 2014, and I started to write about it and various other topics on my blog. This was turning point for my blog, in terms of keeping it live with content. I slowly started getting kick out of it. After getting content to the blog-site, waiting for feedback and stats grow is fun thing to get hooked into. You have made it fun and exciting for me with your comments and feedback. The power of medium like blog is really limitless. I am sure every blogger experiences them. Let me mention here some moments of gratitude for me.

I had written about a lesser known Urdu poet and film song writer Madhosh Bilgrami after my visit to his house in Talegaon. One of his long time friends, Bala Menon, who lost his contact, was able to regain it, due to my blog. And I am so happy about it. Ecology and environment are dear to me. I keep writing about it. Once I wrote an article about water pollution in the lakes of Bengaluru and also in the rivers of Pune. One student doing research on this topic, found my blog useful. My passion towards theater is expressed in various blogs related to that topic on my blog. Someone named Chaya Bhagwati from Bengaluru, who is studying theater wanted to use material from my blogs on her desertion which she was preparing.

My intention is to keep blogging, on various topics and many more as I get introduced to them in the time to come. I am enjoying it, hope you are enjoying it too! Need your support and following to grow it bigger and engage into shared knowledge and opinions. Miles to go before I sleep!


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