Jallary Natural Forest

Bengaluru is famous for its lakes and gardens. Both of them disappearing fast due to urbanization, and construction activities. Bengaluru is also fortunate to have urban forest area  which are managed by state government forest department. Bannerghatta National Park is one such example. There are many other smaller forest parks dotted at various parts across Bengaluru. One such park is Jallary Natural Forest.

This forest park is located near the place I usually stay with my folks during my Bengaluru trips. I make sure that I visit it at least once. This forest is also called Arekere Reserve Forest or Doresanipalya Forest. Arekere is a lake nearby. The forest now is mainly consists of Bamboo bushes and Eucalyptus(neelgiri) trees. It is said in the past it used to consists of Jallary trees(Lac tree. The Lac extract is used in making of ornaments). There are various trails inside one can take. One can spot various creatures, insects such as black colored centipedes alongside. There many ant hills as well, many be some of them are dead with no apparent activity. One can sport many butterflies as well.


A little search on Internet provides some information about local interest on preserving this forest area and also efforts to bring its past glory. The forest, on one edge, has a environment management and policy institute as well(EMPRI), run under Government Of Karnataka. Do plan to visit the forest next time when you are in Bengaluru.


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