Level 3 Purvamimamsa and Level 1 Sankhya Workshop

Philosophical systems which developed in India over more than 1000 years are significant part of rich intellectual tradition of India. While entire science and technology which has developed is result of human mind, human intellect and imagination, the art and science of asking questions, analyzing, which is what philosophy is about, is getting lost. It is remaining only as subject in humanities stream at the universities. This is true not only for philosophical systems of India, but even true in the western world. The often asked question on Quora is why do we need philosophy. This is also answered very often. A quick search on this topic on Internet yields the results showing significance. One of my favorite is this The New York Times article.

Prof V N Jha, former director at University Of Pune, Center of Advanced Studies in Sanskrit(CASS) and world expert in Sanskrit and one of the Indian philosophical systems called Nyaya(also called Indian Logic). I have been fortunate to be associated with Prof V N Jha since last few years. He has been on a mission of conducting workshops on various Indian philosophical systems referring original Sanskrit works, and also talking of their applications. He has conducted several workshops on this topic in including Foundations of Indian Logic(Tarkasangraha), three levels of Indian Logic(Nyaya and Vaiseshika) and two levels of Indian Hermeneutics(Purva Mimamsa)

He is conducting level 3 of Indian Hermeneutics(Purva Mimamsa) workshop near Pune next month. It is 10 day residential workshop at campus of Arunodaya Institute of Culture at Shrirampur near Pune. The inauguration of is on 12th Feb 2017 evening and the classes will conclude on 22-2-2017 evening . The participants can leave on 22-2-2017 evening/night after the valedictory. The text that will be taken up is Tarkpada of Shabarbhashya. The faculty is, apart from Prof V N Jha himself, Prof Ujjwala Jha. They are themselves providing a copy of the text to all the participants at the venue. This is the basic text on which the entire philosophy of Purvamimamsa was constructed. Every day, there will be a session by Prof Ujjwala Jha on content of Purvamimamsa and followed by reading and deciphering of the Sanskrit text Tarkapada. For registration, please reach contact maniapulimood@gmail.com. Please refer this article for information on earlier levels of this workshop.

In the month of June, Prof V N Jha will begin workshops of another system of Indian Philosophy called Sankhya(or Samkhya) which is enumeration philosophy. He will be reading the Sanskrit text Sankhyakarika by Ishwarkrishna.  Sankhya is the earliest system of Indian philosophy and has influenced many other systems. He says that Yoga and Vedanta systems have drawn from it heavily to build their respective Metaphysics, and Vedanta’s metaphysics also is taken from Sankhya so far as its epistemology exposition is considered.


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