World of Vintage Cycles

Today(June 3) is a World Bicycle Day. There is flurry of activity in the city consisting of cycling tours, awareness programs. I love cycling, I do own a bicycle, which I make it a point that I ride once a day for some time at least.  One of my neighbors recently started shop for selling high end bicycles meant for recreational purposes primarily. I happened to go to his shop other day. During the discussion with, I remembered of a unique exhibition of its kind I had attended few years back. I wanted to share that here.

The use of cycles for recreational purposes has increased in last 5 years or so in Pune at least. There was a time when Pune was called as city of cycles. There were so many cycles, and people used them as primary mode of transport. In the last 3-4 decades that tradition is lost and was replaced by motor cycles and cars. Sighting this need, I guess many cycle shops selling high-end cycles meant for recreational purposes.

The way we keep seeing many vintage cars shows, I had not come across any vitage bicycles show as such in the past. It was hosted in Pune around Diwali time in the year of 2011 by Vikram Pendse, under auspices of Diamond Vintage Cycles. There were about 75 vintage cycles, some of them dated back to 1924 or so. Bicycles, tricycles, single wheel cycles, uneven shaped cycles, double seat cycles(yes, those ones famous in Hindi movies back in 1980s) were all there. It was quite amusing to see how bicycles of bygone were shaped. Children’s cycles, hopping cycles, cycle lamps, rings-bells. As a child, I remember I used to rent out bicycles from bicycle renting shops, 30-35 years back. Now the same facility is once again available, but you don’t a bicycle renting shop any more. One can do using ones mobiles, and rent them from the designated areas.

It seems Vikram Pendse has started a museum too, details about it can be found over here.

Let me end this blog on a different note. I read other day an interesting news item. Cycles these are new golf these days it seems, especially in the world of venture capital investments for startups. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are finding better to talk about investments and pitching of an startup idea over cycling, instead of golf sessions. Interesting, isn’t it?

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