Finally, Amirbai biography’s Marathi translation is released

As I have been writing about this translation work here on this blog, finally, the book got published in a grand ceremony on Dec 25, 2014 by Granthali, which is celebrating its 40th year. They had a day long celebration for Vachak Din(readers’ day). The venue was campus of Ruparel College at Matunga(in Mumbai). There were couple […]

The man who had sugar

As children we had recited a poem which begins as “Johnny, Johnny..Yes, Papa, eating sugar? No, Papa!”. I know, the title of the blog is “The man who had sugar”, not the boy. But fun apart, the title is the translation of the name of a new Marathi play called Sakhar Khallela Manus(साखर खाल्लेला माणूस). […]

अनुवाद कार्यशाळा अनुभव

गेल्या काही वर्षांपासून भारतीय भाषांतील तसेच परदेशी भाषांतून मराठीत ललित साहित्यकृती अनुवादित करण्याचे प्रमाण वाढले आहे. याचाच अर्थ अनुवादित साहित्याला मागणी आहे. आणि तसे अनुवाद करण्यासाठीही बरेच जण पुढे येत आहेत. तसे पहिले तर अनुवाद करणे काही नवीन नाही. संस्कृत साहित्याचे मराठीत, इंग्रजीत तसेच इतर भाषांत अनुवाद, रुपांतर, आणि इतर रूपांमध्ये होतच आहे. कित्येक क्लासिक […]

Chinmaya Mission

Level 2 Purvamimamsa (Indian Hermeneutics) Workshop in Pune

As mentioned few times on this blog in the past, Prof V N Jha, renowned Sanskrit expert, world renowned authority in Indian Logic(न्याय, वैशेषिक दर्शन) has embarked on conducting knowledge sharing sessions on various aspects of Indian intellectual tradition. Please see my earlier blogs on those sessions: Level 1 of Purvamimamsa, Philosophy of Bhakti. Now, […]

सर्व काही संपल्यावर

I am translating Girish Karnad’s Kannada book Agomme Igomme which is a collection of his articles written over span of many years. The translation is into Marathi language. I had published one article related to origin of theatrical arts earlier on this blog. Today, I am posting the translation of the story which he had […]

अमळनेरची शंभर वर्षीय भारतीय तत्वज्ञान संस्था

आपण सर्वानी Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Indian Institute of Management(IIM) बद्दल ऐकले असते, आपल्याला चांगलीच माहिती असते. पण आपण कधी Indian Institute of Philosophy(IIP), म्हणजेच भारतीय तत्वज्ञान संस्था याबद्दल ऐकले आहे का, आणि ती जळगाव जवळ अमळनेर ह्या गावी आहे ह्याची माहिती आहे का? मला नक्कीच खात्री आहे, की खुपच कमी लोकांना त्याबद्दल माहिती असेल. […]

Murty Classical Library and Sheldon Pollock

Sometime back when I had learnt about the announcement of Murty Classical Library(MCL), it was seen as great news for Indian intellectual tradition. Despite efforts of various organizations in this regard, there was still a huge gap and lot was desired to be done. I know organizations such as Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute(BORI) being on […]