Finally, Amirbai biography’s Marathi translation is released

As I have been writing about this translation work here on this blog, finally, the book got published in a grand ceremony on Dec 25, 2014 by Granthali, which is celebrating its 40th year. They had a day long celebration for Vachak Din(readers’ day). The venue was campus of Ruparel College at Matunga(in Mumbai). There were couple of workshops during the day, and along with my book, 4 other books were also published.

My book was published by Sanjeev Chimmalgi a famous Classical Hindustani singer. The original author Rahmath Tarikere had also proudly come for the publication all the way from Karnataka. After publication,audience was graced by Sanjeev’s concert. It was certainly a proud moment for me and Rahmath Tarikere, where the stage was set so beautifully with grand portrait of Amirbai on the backdrop during publication and also during the concert.

Book Publication

Book Publication

Sanjeev Chimmalgi singing, Amirbai's portrait on the backdrop

Sanjeev Chimmalgi singing, Amirbai’s portrait on the backdrop

Some of the experts who helped Rahmath Tarikere during research were also also graciously present on the occasion. Veteran music expert and record collector Suresh Chandwankar(who was recently awarded by Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande Pratishthan on his contribution to music), Pralhad Diwanji were present on the occasion. Another expert Prakash Burde could not come due to illness.

The book is available now also on BookGanga where one can preview as well. I noticed it in couple of book stores in Pune as well already. It is very different feeling to see the book there. It is said that George Bernard Shaw, when wrote his first book, he used to visit the bookshops and would ask about it, if the shop did not carry it yet-just to promote it. Looks like I should also try that(for a kick, I guess :-)) in this era of marketing.