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Prashant Kulkarni

My name is Prashant Kulkarni(aka PPK). I am seasoned software professional, mainly with product development background and startups. I am currently working at Sungard Availability Services in Pune as Director-Product Engineering. In the past, I was co-founder of a startup called QuinarySoft. Apart from my various interests in software, I am interested in studying history and cultures. I studied Indology few years back. I am also passionate about languages, trekking, drama and music. In 2014, I translated a biographical book on Amirbai Karnataki to Marathi. It is published by Granthali and can be seen here.

I also support and volunteer Schizophrenia Awareness Association(SAA) which works in mental health area. I am trustee at Rishirina, NGO working in the area of Indian intellectual tradition.

There is an Italian proverb which means “Think much, speak little, write less”. I will try to follow this! Do keep visiting this blog where you can find my views, my experiences, in the various areas of my interest and areas where I have and will delve into. Also, feel free to comment and share your thoughts in the my posts.

Hope you enjoy it! You can reach me out on my mobile/WhatsApp: 9850-884878 or email me on ppkya@hotmail.com. I also have YouTube channel, you may find it interesting.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi all. I recently found a person’s site making use of yahoo. This is usually a wonderfully written document. We will be certain to take note of that and come back in learn more of your information. We appreciate you a submit. I’m going to absolutely come back.


  2. प्रिय प्रशांत ,

    आज उद्या अस करता करता , तुझा ब्लॉग पाहण्याचा योग आज आला .

    तू बालपणी पाहिलेलं ” निंबाळ ” असो किंवा श्याम मनोहरांची पुस्तकं , अमीरबाई कर्नाटकी ह्यांच्यावरील पुस्तक असो किंवा तुझे स्टार्ट अप चे प्रयोग , अमेरिकेचे अनुभव आणि डोंगरातलि भटकंती ,,,, एक गोष्ट कळून चुकली ती म्हणजे आयुष्यातील बर्याच क्षेत्रात तुझा मुक्त संचार आहे … छान वाटल वाचून .

    अजून एक गोष्ट , सातव्या इयत्तेपर्यंत मी कर्नाटकात शिकलोय … कानडी भाषा उत्तम बोलू शकत नसलो तरीही , तुझा ब्लॉग वाचत असताना कर्नाटक किंवा कन्नड भाषा ह्याविषयीच्या खूप सुंदर आठवणीनी मन परत एकदा उचंबळून आल .

    असाच लिहिता रहा

    अजित रानडे




    • Prashant Kulkarni says:

      Hey Ajit:

      Thanks for taking time to go through the blog and also for the message. Let’s catch up next time when you are in Pune.

      Best wishes!


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