My trekking journey#8

In this blog, which is part of the series of blogs, related to my trekking journey over the years, I am going to detail out my trekking expeditions in the year of 2005. Please refer below links for blogs on my earlier trekking years.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

I did not get much of trekking done till summer this year, due to my engagements with Indology course related site visits, especially to Bhon archaeological site. In April, we went to fort called Daulatmangal, popularly known as Bhuleshwar which has an ancient temple of Lord Shiva.

Daulatmangal fort

Pushkarni on Bhuleshwar

Later in the summer, we went for a trek to Jungali Jaygad and Gunwantgad. Jungali Jaygad was long trek, especially through thick forests. We also visited Ramghal which is located near town called Helwak. This is one of the places where famous 16th century saint Ramdas Swami used to meditate. It also has a nice waterfall.

The month of July, in monsoon, saw me going again to Sinhagad. This time with my business colleagues traveling from USA. A visit to this fort is mandatory whenever anyone visits us from foreign country. I also went to a little unknown place called Kanifnathgad near Pune. This is unusual and little unknown as it has a shrine of Nath sect saint Kanifnath. This in on the way to Saswad via Kondhava and Bopdev Ghat.



In the month of August, during Independence Day weekend, we went to Ahmednagar where we visited famous land fort of Ahmednagar. This has its own significance due to the fact that many freedom fighters including Jawaharlal Nehru were jailed here during freedom struggle. Nehru also wrote his volumes of his famed work Discovery of India. I also happened to visit unusual museum dedicated to battlefield tanks about which I have written over here.

Later in the month of September, land fort of Bahadurgad near town of Pedgaon in Daund region, which is on the banks of river Bhima.

In the winter, we had traveled to Jabalpur on the way to Kanha National Park. I will write about it separately though. But I happened to take time to make a flying visit to fort called Madan Mahal which is in the city of Jabalpur. During the end of year, I did a solo visit to fort of Pandavgad, which is massive fort near town of Wai. This is clearly visible from the highway. I noticed one old Parsee person has been living on this fort quite a few years all alone, may be with help of some villagers at the base. There seems to be interesting history of Parsee community in this area. You may refer to this blog for some account of that. This site tells us that that person is no more, and his name was Sher Wadia.


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